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Date 20-10-2023

How are engagement rings and wedding rings different?

If you're planning to propose to your girlfriend and aren't sure where to begin, Moment Diamond can provide some advice or suggestions for you. You might be wondering about the distinctions between engagement rings and wedding rings. Do you need to have two separate bands, or can they be worn together? If you're considering proposing to your girlfriend, which type of ring should you select? Let's explore these questions together.

Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring is typically used during engagement ceremonies or as a proposal ring to symbolize a promise of future marriage. These rings often feature a solitaire diamond or gemstone as the centerpiece, but some may have additional small stones, like accent diamonds, set around the main stone or on the ring's shoulders to enhance its sparkle. The specific design details often come down to personal preference.

solitaire ring
solitaire ring
Wedding Ring

A Wedding Ring is typically worn post-marriage to denote the married status of the couple. These rings have a simple, everyday-friendly appearance. Daily use may naturally lead to minor scratches (which can be polished out later), so people are generally less concerned about their wedding rings showing wear compared to their engagement rings.

The practices described above are common in the Western world, and they may differ from what Thai people prefer. As a result, there may be some confusion regarding the choices to make.

The key point is that there's no definitive right or wrong answer when it comes to this matter; it largely depends on personal convenience and cultural preferences.

In Thailand, many individuals opt for a simpler ring as a surprise proposal to their girlfriends. Later, they may go ring shopping together for an engagement ring. Since rings with precious stones can be rather costly, some women may choose the ring themselves to ensure it suits their taste. Alternatively, friends might select a more modest ring for a surprise proposal that can also serve as an engagement and wedding ring.

Ultimately, the choice is flexible and can be tailored to personal preferences and cultural norms.

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