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Date 19-11-2023

How to find out your partner's ring size without him knowing!

Ensuring a perfect proposal involves a special diamond ring, creating an unforgettable memory. Yet, when uncertain about your partner's ring size, Moment Diamond acknowledges the challenge many face in this situation. Here's a discreet method to secretly discover your boyfriend's ring size, enhancing the surprise of your intended proposal. This method aims to make your proposal day the epitome of perfection, despite the initial uncertainty about his ring size.

6 ways to secretly find out your partner's finger size

Absolutely, it's crucial to specify the ring finger for sizing as each finger can vary in size. Even between the left and right ring fingers, there might be a difference in size. For accuracy, focusing on the ring finger of the left hand is essential to ensure the perfect fit for the ring.

1. Take a sample ring from your partner's jewelry box.

Moment Diamond suggests a discreet yet effective way to ensure the best fit for the ring. Secretly borrow a ring your partner wears on his ring finger. This guarantees accuracy in selecting the right ring size. Using a ruler, measure the diameter of this ring, noting down the measurement. Provide this measurement to the chosen ring shop for accurate production of the ring you desire.

2. Secretly take a ring (on the right finger) to a shop to make rings.

Absolutely, if the first method doesn't offer enough confidence in determining the correct ring size, opting for a ring that your partner rarely wears can provide a more accurate measurement. Taking this ring to the ring maker ensures a better chance of obtaining the precise ring size needed for the perfect fit.

3. Secretly take your partner's favorite ring and draw it on a piece of paper.

That's a great method! When your boyfriend isn't paying attention, take the ring he regularly wears and place it on a piece of paper. Trace the inside circumference of the ring using a pencil. Then, send this traced design to the ring manufacturing shop to help determine and evaluate the ring size accurately. It's a simple yet effective way to ensure the right measurement.

4. Use thread or tendon to measure finger size.

Using a thread or string to measure your partner's ring finger while they're asleep is indeed a meticulous method. Gently wrap the thread around their left ring finger and mark where the ends meet without disturbing their sleep. Once you have this length measured, take it to the ring manufacturing shop, and they can easily estimate the size based on this measurement. It's a bit trickier but can provide an accurate size without waking them.

5. Try asking your partner's friends for help.

That's a clever way to gather information! If your friend has a similar height and build to your partner, borrowing a ring that fits your friend's ring finger and having them lend it to your partner can be a discreet way to estimate the ring size. If the rings happen to be the same size, you've struck gold! Otherwise, it helps to gauge whether the ring needs slight adjustments up or down in size. This information can be invaluable when conveying the accurate size to the manufacturer.

6. Compare with your own finger size.

Using your own finger to estimate your boyfriend's ring size is a creative approach. Try wearing his ring on your finger and mark where it fits comfortably. Then, visit a ring maker who can assist in measuring and ensuring maximum accuracy for determining the appropriate ring size. This method allows for a practical estimation, refined by professional measurement for precision.

Remember, the goal is to create a beautiful surprise on that special day. Even if there's a mistake in selecting the ring size, most rings can be resized after the proposal. The important thing is the moment itself—the joy and love shared during the proposal. So, don't fret too much. You can always fine-tune the ring to fit perfectly afterward, ensuring it's just right for your beloved partner. Enjoy the journey and the magic of the proposal moment!

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